My Journey into QAnon

It started with an anonymous post in 2017. They called themselves ‘Q’ and left a trail of cryptic messages for an increasing number of followers to obsess over. Over the years, the conspiracy theory became a movement, crashing into mainstream politics and breaking countless families along the way.

Over this investigation, journalist Nicky Woolf dives into the online and offline world of QAnon in his search to find the shadowy figure behind it all and the legacy they’ve created… More here.

This looks like an excellent podcast series, it really does.

The problem is the little yellow bit in the above image- ‘Only from Audible’.

I would have to subscribe to listen to it even though I subscribe to Amazon Prime and Audible is an Amazon company. The trend toward paid podcasts is a shame in some ways. I do get that people need to make money, but with so many free offerings out there I suspect that podcasts like this one will be missed by many.