Samsung ditches iOS support for the Galaxy Watch

Most smartwatches compatible with Android smartphones usually offer support for Apple’s iOS platform too, but that tune might be changing. With its Galaxy Watch 4 series, Samsung has quietly dropped support for iOS.

If you dive into the specs of Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 on the company’s website, you’ll see the compatibility list has been altered since last year’s release. The glaring omission? Galaxy Watch 4 lacks iOS support entirely, a detail that Samsung confirmed to ArsTechnica while saying that the change has no impact on older Galaxy smartwatches. In other words, Samsung won’t be removing that ability on its Tizen products… More here.

That’s a big move when you think about it because it effectively precludes iPhone users from buying the watch. I realise that Apple already does this with the Apple Watch, but I wonder if it is a sign that trying to compete for iPhone owners against the Apple Watch is pointless. I suspect there are numbers behind this move to back that up.