Computing replaced everything

We used to write with pens that we had to fill up with ink and we then moved to ball point pens because they were much more convenient. And then came the typewriter which was followed by the computer keyboard, the smartphone keyboard and now voice dictation. Computing replaced it all.

We used to listen to music live and then on vinyl, cassette and CD. Eventually we moved to MP3 files and ultimately to streaming. Computing replaced it all.

We used to talk face to face, send telegrams and then over the telephone. Eventually we fell in to a world of FaceTime and Zoom due to the pandemic alongside the dominating social networks and services like WhatsApp. Computing changed it all.

We used to kick a ball around a field and move around a lot more for fun. And then computer games came along to the point that we now can only play while screaming at our friends at the same time. To a degree, computing changed our leisure time and what we perceive to be a ‘game’.

And the list goes on. Books, newspapers, diaries, cameras, letters, tape recorders, recording studios, video production, maps etc etc etc etc

Take yourself back a few decades and imagine one thing (or two connecting things: internet and computers) taking over almost everything and you would have though this was an insane notion. But here we are. Everything has been replaced.

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