A round Apple Watch with unlimited faces?

Titled the Apple Watch Loop, this concept by Felipe Duarte does two things – it brings variety to Apple’s smartwatch offering and adds a beautifully-basic ‘Air’ variant in Apple’s watch lineup, just like with their other products like the iPhone Mini, iPad Air, and MacBook Air… More here.

I remain convinced that Apple needs to make a circular Apple Watch. I do understand that more digital information can be squeezed into a square screen, but with some imagination a round display can work. Also, it looks better, it is able to create a more personal look and the sheer tradition of round watches just works. Come on Apple, get on with it!

The question of third party watch faces will not go away either and there is a growing community of people who want just this. I do get why people want this, but I can’t help thinking that it would become a source of mere copies of Rolex etc than adding anything practical.

I really don’t see Apple doing it. If this was likely we would already see themes on iOS.