If Simone Biles had a leg injury it would all be fine…

I won’t write a post about Simone Biles because I don’t need to. I can simply point to If Naomi Osaka had a stutter it would all be fine… which I wrote a while back.

Naomi and Simone are showing that super humans, in the physical sense, are just like the rest of us and suffer exactly the same mental health issues that so many have over the past 18 months.

I suspect that we are all meandering on at 70% of our normal levels because of the pandemic and when bad things happen they can take us below a level that causes genuine problems which require help to be lessened. Not resolved, lessened, because it is very hard to fully resolves serious mental health issues and still today, in 2021, we have far too many people who do not understand that these are real illnesses. They are no different to cancer, arthritis, asthma and so many other illnesses in that they can destroy lives and potentially limit them.

When you are a superstar in the world of sports you are not immune, if anything you are more likely to suffer, and I just wish that more people would at least make the effort to understand mental health and to certainly not criticise those who suffer because of their own ignorance.

And that is what I have read over the past 24 hours; some certain she is not actually suffering and others saying what she has done shows great strength. How about we just accept that she pulled out because of a mental health problem and leave it at that. Who the hell are we to comment or judge anyone else’s mental health?!?