McGST Podcast Episode 68 (a potentially unfathomable nightmare)

“Surely the infection rate + the pinging app + Monday’s potential free for all = a potentially unfathomable nightmare. Why does it feel like the government is in complete denial about this? It’s absolutely bonkers.” James O’Brien

“Boris Johnson’s plan to lift virtually all of England’s pandemic restrictions on Monday is a threat to the world and provides fertile ground for the emergence of vaccine-resistant variants, international experts say.

Britain’s position as a global transport hub would mean any new variant here would rapidly spread around the world, scientists and physicians warned at an emergency summit. They also expressed grave concerns about Downing Street’s plans.” From The Guardian.

  • Joanne and I discuss the above (again…)
  • Should we vaccinate children to protect adults?
  • Why do some people believe that taking the knee is so offensive? I ended up editing this out of the episode because we didn’t feel comfortable with some of the observations we came up, this will be revisited next time.
  • The Garmin Venu 2s beat the Apple Watch series 6 for Joanne. Why? I like the Garmin in theory, but not in practice. And would a rugged Apple Watch kill Garmin?

Music by Tom Munch

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