You can literally buy nothing for £659

The AMBUSH Timeless Watch 2 bracelet costs £659 (apparently it was previously £1,098) and for that you get a watch bracelet.

It is made of stainless steel (the word Silver is used to try to suggest it is silver, but that is just the colour) and as I look closely at the finishing of the case, the quality of the bracelet clasp and generic case shape, I would happily conclude that this costs less than £10 to make.

The world of watches can. be a very expensive and decisive place, but the world of fashion nonsense like this almost makes the watch industry appear to be perfectly normal.

There is an alternative (below) which costs only £485 and which looks like a retro Casio, but with a plate put over the crystal and the movement removed. I like how they haven’t even bothered to put the plate in properly and how they have left uneven gaps all around it.

Categories: Design, Watches

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