Is the Apple Watch close to being a small iPhone?

Something strange has happened over the past two weeks. I have been wearing my Apple Watch more often, almost 100% of the time, as I attempt (once again) to lose some weight and get back to pre-lockdown fitness levels.

I have not been using my iPhone as a morning alarm and so I set my alarm on the Apple Watch. When I wake up the first thing I do is go for a 30 minute walk and play podcasts, through Pocket Casts, on the Apple Watch while walking. The app syncs very well between the iPhone and watch and so I am always at the right place, and I just pop in my AirPods Pro, connect and off I go.

When I start work, from home, I have taken to playing music through the Apple Watch as well and at some point I pick up the iPhone and mess around with it.

The Apple Watch tracks my lunchtime run or walk and I have found myself responding to messages through it more often than not. The more I use it, the more I am using it if that makes sense.

We are of course a long way from the Apple Watch competing with a smartphone, but for the first time I can see that it would not take a huge technological leap to make it 80% comparable.

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