WorkOutDoors: a transformative Apple Watch app

If you use your Apple Watch for fitness tracking I would like to suggest WorkOutDoors as an alternative to the standard Fitness app.

I don’t have time to write a full review, but if you want completely customisable workout views, the entire world available in map form on your watch, the ability to import routes, configurable heart rate zones, exporting to a variety of services and so much more it is definitely worth a look.

At £5.99 it is very competitive and is easily one of the best apps I have ever downloaded for any platform.

Also, if you are considering a Garmin tracker as a more professional solution for your fitness this app alone could be enough to scratch that itch and to give you what you want. Garmin is easily the best solution for serious athletes, but that description does not apply to 98% of us. WorkOutDoors could be enough to take your Apple Watch one step nearer to the Garmin experience. Just superb.

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