Totally f*cking hopeless

Detailed analysis of all Hancock said to MPs would take days. I’ll focus today on just a few things to support what I told MPs and show that No10/Hancock have repeatedly lied about the failures last year… More here.

It is not easy to trust anything Dominic Cummings writes, but his very long substack post is revealing indeed. The title of this post contains the words Boris Johnson wrote about his health secretary when there were huge problems with PPE and other Covid-related areas at the start of the pandemic. This is the health secretary who is still in position and who continues to be less than trustworthy in much of what he says.

I would argue, however, that he is the least likely to lose his job in Johnson’s government because if Boris sacked him today the questions would come flying back to him very quickly-

“Why did you not sack him last year?”

“Why have you allowed him to be health secretary during a pandemic?”

etc etc

Boris cares about how he looks above all else, including a needlessly large Covid death toll, and so he has no option but to persevere with the hopeless one in place while he himself gets more hopeless by the day.

And the above video details why we in the UK are experiencing a third wave of Covid. It was completely avoidable and this is not hindsight; we could see it coming from India and the government did nothing for far too long. For this we all suffer yet again and Boris’ government gets more popular with each passing poll. It is sad to think that the bar is set so low that we need something akin to the last weeks of the Trump presidency to happen for Boris to be removed by the public.

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