Dear England

I am confident that young kids of today will grow up baffled by old attitudes and ways of thinking. For many of that younger generation, your notion of Englishness is quite different from my own. I understand that, too. I understand that on this island, we have a desire to protect our values and traditions — as we should — but that shouldn’t come at the expense of introspection and progress. Regardless of your upbringing and politics, what is clear is that we are an incredible nation — relative to our size and population — that has contributed so much to the arts, science and sport… More here.

A stunning article and subtly political from the England football manager. When you really think about football fans booing players taking the knee there is no rational reason for doing such a thing.

They claim to not be racist so why are they doing it? Is it a sense of entitlement in that they believe that they should not be taking a knee to anyone? Or is it simply following a rhetoric that is growing stronger by the day in the UK?

I believe it is the latter and that it is being fuelled by our right wing press choosing to promote Black Lives Matter, taking the knee, respecting genders and generally respecting anyone else’s point of view as woke or somehow weak.

And above the press is the grubby collection of upper class politicians we have running our country who are behind the whole thing, and who have a huge number of people following them who literally have no idea what they are doing. They just boo, they protest and they don’t like people who show respect for others.

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