What should we reasonably expect from Apple?

Look at the image above and ask yourself what is wrong with it?

To me it is obvious because there is a big advert in the centre of the screen that looks like it was just dropped there.

Even if I ignore the way it looks I ask myself if it should even be there in the first place.

I pay for Apple One and by extension Apple News+. Why should I have to see adverts as well?

This is not just an Apple problem as such because when I pay for a service I do not expect to see intrusive adverts, no matter who the provider is, but it feels even worse when Apple starts doing it.

I do not see adverts in the magazine section of News+, but I would still expect to not see them in the news part if I subscribe.

What do you think?

Also, I signed up for the TomTom GO family subscription at a cost of £19.99 / year which compares favourably to the individual subscriptions that I, my wife and son currently use at a cost of £12.99 each. With my daughter learning to drive there is the potential to save £32 / year.

The problem is that it did not show up on everyones subscription listing on their iPhones and so I got in touch with Apple. After two chats a senior advisor called me this morning to discuss and it appears that there is some confusion over how such subscriptions will display.

Eventually it was left that when my wife’s individual subscription ends she should be automatically enrolled in the family plan under Family Sharing and so should my son’s.

If, however, that does not happen he advised me to contact TomTom direct to resolve.

I did not like this at all because to me this is for Apple to resolve with TomTom direct and there are a few reasons why-

TomTom’s support is virtually non-existent (not Apple’s fault I guess).

What does Apple take a 30% cut for if one of the reasons is not to resolve what I perceive to be a billing issue between Apple and TomTom?

Why is Apple not checking that the family subscription feature aligns with Family Sharing properly when the app is validated?

I will see what happens when my wife’s individual subscription expires, but I am curious as to if you agree that Apple should be resolving issues like this. Or, am I expecting too much from Apple?

It is strange that no matter how much I have spent with Apple I still expect more from Apple than any other company and at times I am asking myself if I expect to much. I don’t believe I do.

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