When companies decide to work from home for good

She tells us: ‘I need to have a strong routine to manage it ‘A lot of the ways that I manage it is structurally, forcing myself to have to leave the house and making plans with people that I can’t get out of because if I have nothing planned and if I have no obligations I will do nothing.’

Lee says it’s the lack of choice that intensifies these problems. The idea of working from home used to appeal to her, believing it would be beneficial. ‘But having to work from home as had the opposite effect, where my mental health is more impacted by my work,’ she adds… More here.

For countries that have the luxury of considering whether to allow employees back to their offices this will be the big question post-pandemic.

It is an extremely emotive subject and one which people have VERY definite opinions about. Most people I know want to carry on working from home, some absolutely do not want to go back to the office, some desperately want to return and others would rather be in the office while working from home on occasion. I fit in to the last category and it is likely that in the short term that could be the preferred option by many employers, but I suspect that a lot will still want full time office working and as time progresses this view will become hardened.

I see people now, the longer they work from home the more they want to carry on doing it, and for some employers this could be seen as a dangerous thing. My personal view is that it is not realistic for the majority to work from home; it’s all very well saying that it suits you as an individual, but for younger people at the start of their careers this would limit opportunities, lessen their social interaction and potentially have some serious mental health effects.

On a related note, this may make you laugh because it kind of sums up the bizarre things that happen in an office.

2 thoughts on “When companies decide to work from home for good

  1. I lean towards wanting SOME time at home.. I think… but at this point it’s not a make or break thing for me. pros/cons to either.
    But it’s going to be a huge adjustment! My new team has never met in a/the office…

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