$89.6 billion

iPhone 11 Pro
Apple Watch series 6 (44mm stainless steel)
iPad Air (2020)
Apple Pencil 2
MacBook Air M1
Apple TV 4th generation
iPhone X
Apple Watch series 6 (40mm stainless steel)
MacBook 2017
iPhone 7
iPhone 7
AirPods Pro
AirPods Pro
AirPods Pro

The above is a list of the Apple products in our house. Admittedly there are four of us, but that is still a lot of money and there are many that have been sold to allow for upgrades in the past. I, for example, have owned every iPhone apart from the 12, every Apple Watch, most of the iPads, all of the AirPod revisions and countless other Apple products.

And when you are this deep in it is hard to look outside of Apple.

Marques explains part of the issue below.

Apple is building on the ecosystem and as each product appears so it is more embedded in the setup mat of us have. And so does much of the competition succumb to an organisation that is becoming more powerful every year.

I don’t know where this ends…

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