AmazFit Neo review

The AmazFit Neo costs £29.99 (using a £10 Amazon discount) and comes with a surprising set of specifications for the price-

Up to 37 days of battery life (37!)
Always on display
All day heart rate monitoring
Sleep tracking
50m water resistance
Step counts and automatic exercise tracking

It appears to be too good to be true doesn’t it, but the reality of using it suggests that it stands up to many more expensive trackers.

At a mere 32 grams in weight you do not realise that you are wearing it and the fit is surprisingly comfortable. There is a sense of retro Casio / Timex running through the design and as a useable fitness tracker / smart watch it really does work.

It’s deceptive in reality because y0u are spending very little money on the product, it does exactly what it aims to do and in a way that never interrupts you, to the point that basic exercise tracking becomes a ‘thing’ that just happens in the background.

Accuracy is not a huge strong point here and you should not expect precision, but in my experience that is a problem for many brands including big names like Fitbit. If you look for trends you can get the fitness benefits you require because I have never used a fitness tracker that changes accuracy levels over time. I have noticed that if a tracker is 10% out it will always be 10% out and if your trends increase so you will be improving.

Health monitoring is a different matter and the heart rate monitor, for example, showed 59 bpm for me while the Apple Watch showed 53 bpm. This is quite a difference, but I would suggest that it is acceptable for a watch at this price.

Finally, the Zepp app that you use as a companion is actually quite impressive. It does not try to do too much and it presents all of the information you need in a logical and clear way.

If you need a backup watch, a basic fitness tracker or you like retro styling this could be a decent purchase. It remains a product that belies its price more than almost any other I have tried.

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