The Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Quadriptyque: this is why analogue trumps digital

It is not easy for many of us to appreciate luxury objects and to understand why they cost so much. We look at expensive watches, jewellery and branded clothing and perceive that it is just the branding and a whole lot of padding to make up the prices asked.

The Reverso Quadriptyque is a different matter though, even at €1.35 million.

For a start it has 4 dials which is unheard of and all of this is somehow crammed into a watch with a depth of 15.15mm, but that is just a part of the story. To gain an appreciation of what each face does take a look at this article. As you can see the complications included break boundaries at every turn, including offering tools that you will likely never need. If you need to know the age of the moon, the synodic, draconic and anomalistic cycles then you are in a highly specialised job, but that is of course not what this watch is about.

It is about being able to create such an object, it’s about having the imagination to even contemplate such a thing and it it is about taking the idea of micro mechanical invention to a whole new level.

To even suggest that a watch at €1.35 million can represent anything other than an extreme throwing away of money sounds crazy, but there are only 10 of these, each represents the best that can made by humans today and I have no doubt that pre-owned prices of these will go very high in the next decade. No one who buys one of these, however, is likely to sell at any point in the near future because with the high price and the unbelievable invention comes the ability to only sell to a very select few individuals.

Whether you have an interest in watches or not it is hard not to conclude that it offers an emotional response that cannot be garnered by digital objects of any form.

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