MagicBridge turns your Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad 2 into a one-piece control surface, tidying up your workspace and keeping your trackpad right where you need it to swipe, pinch or tap. Make more magic on your Mac or iPad Pro… More here.

That doesn’t look very comfortable does it and $50 seems rather high. A shame because Twelve South stuff is usually very good.

5 thoughts on “MagicBridge

  1. What I wanted and couldn’t find was this but one that would put the trackpad in front of the keyboard, like it is with a laptop… I find it more comfortable to just be able to reach my thumbs down or tilt my wrist to interact.
    (I used to love my laptop right in front of my main monitor, acting as keyboard and trackpad but A. that means the screen is a bit low for day long use and B intel Macs run hot and it gets incomfortable)

    I tried to make a “trackpad in front” brace out of lego but couldn’t get the proportions quite right… turns out there are some serious subtleties in play!

  2. I bought something like this a while back but for my iMac. Turned out that I wasn’t particularly keen about using a trackpad instead of a mouse or even in addition to a mouse.

  3. I can’t use a mouse because it irritates the heel of my hand and makes my whole hand cramp – different strokes. I like the trackpad, but I guess I never had a preference for whether it was next to or below the keyboard. I guess you can use a thumb on it without moving your hand as much on a laptop. I’m doing a lot of guessing though. 😉

    1. I count myself as very lucky that I’ve never had problems with a mouse. Or a keyboard for that matter.

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