Literary Clock Made From E-reader

Really the only thing needed is an e-reader (and a USB cable to connect to it). For this project, a Kindle was donated to me by a friend. It is a Kindle 3 WiFi (nicknamed K3, or K3W). You will find many second-hand earlier models like that on eBay for instance.

You’ll need a computer (any operating system), with an SSH client like vSSH and an sFTP client like Filezilla installed (both are free). It helps to have a bit of experience with Linux, because that is what the Kindle runs on… More here.

You will need a LOT of time to make this.

1 thought on “Literary Clock Made From E-reader

  1. Love it! Always wanted to build something like this… though I was even less ambitious with the display I wanted, something more like (Widgetsmith has something like that now for iPhone widgets)

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