Why do we love Retro-Looking Games?

“Playing retro games,” says Schranck, “you’re happy to be feeling like a kid again. As an adult, you have all these responsibilities and anxieties, and if you can just find a way to forget about that, even just for 15 minutes, it can help. I think if you can find something, anything, that can help you feel good, that’s a good thing. Retro games evoke these happy memories. Being a kid, opening up that new game or console on Christmas. How it looks, the beautiful pixel art. It’s the nostalgia, and remembering being young again.” More here.

A good retro game is a wonderful experience, but the best ones are modernisations that keep the original game play intact. That is crucial to me.

One thought on “Why do we love Retro-Looking Games?

  1. For me, it depends on the type of game and how good the graphics and game mechanics were at the time. I’ve looked at a lot of older (old?) RPGs and I don’t think I could play them. The game mechanics are almost as important to me as the graphics. On the other hand, many older games have mods that bring them a good number of years forward.

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