‘Trapped’ by the iPhone

I have willingly trapped myself in the Apple ecosystem, and I’m not looking for a way out. I’d wager that this is the case for a lot of others, too, given how effectively the company has managed to market itself as the home of ‘fashionable’ tech even when it’s products no longer always represent the height of innovation. For my money, Apple’s promise of performance, convenience and style is enough to maintain the continued loyalty of its innumerable customers, despite the leaps and bounds made by rival manufacturers that perhaps offer better products… More here.

A decent article which I agree with all of the way through. These words struck home- ‘convenience, for me, outmuscles performance’

3 thoughts on “‘Trapped’ by the iPhone

  1. It’s rarely just one thing with tech. And then there’s “how much is enough”. There comes a point of diminishing returns. So other smartphones may push their performance or their camera or their storage, if you’re satisfied with most of what your smartphone provides, especially the one or two things that are most important to you, then why switch if you’re going to lose on the important front.

  2. Yeah ” convenience, for me, outmuscles performance. ” – and I know I’m an apologist, but the compromises in performance seem pretty damn minor

  3. and usually more or less dealt with in a year, at most…

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