I don’t trust Windows’ stability

I’ve been using Macs and Windows PCs ever since they became available. For the last 12 years, it’s been a Mac at home and a Windows 7 PC at work until I retired. Now I use Windows 10 in Boot Camp for gaming.

I much prefer the Mac. It’s not like I can’t get things done in Windows but the Mac seems to make it easier. It’s also visually more appealing. Thing is that I couldn’t put my finger on specifics. And I know there are people out there who swear by Windows rather than at it.

There is one thing, and maybe it subconsciously affects everything else. I don’t trust Windows’ stability. This is not a new thing. Every time I get an update or install a new driver, it’s cross my fingers time. I make sure that I have a backup of my Boot Camp partition which I’ve had to use at least a few times. Now I know that some Mac versions haven’t been the best, but I never had that trepidation when updating. Maybe that says it all. At least for me. Bob.

Bob posted the above comment in response to the Windows rant and it’s something I hadn’t thought about. The sheer stability of macOS, and the ‘sense’ of stability, is rock solid.

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