Windows 10 is as cold and unemotional as ever

I received a new work laptop this week. It was much quicker and powerful enough to cope with every piece of software I need to use in my job. It was also long overdue, but the jump in performance makes my work days a lot easier.

It also came with Windows 10 which was new to me as I use a Mac at home and was on Windows 7 before.

What surprised me, in 2021, was how dated Windows still feels and how unnatural it is to use. The coldness of the interface, the obvious visual breaks between each area of the interface and the general lack of depth hit home quickly.

None of this matter for me because I use it for my work and so it is genuinely a tool in the software and hardware sense, but it is HORRIBLE!

Yes I am a macOS user and have been for many years, but the difference in style and the way the two operating systems work is starker than ever before. One appears to be evolving to fit human beings more each year while the other still looks and feels like a computer programme in the most unemotional way.

It may have advantages over macOS, numerous advantages in specific areas, but to me it genuinely is HORRIBLE!

2 thoughts on “Windows 10 is as cold and unemotional as ever

  1. My use of it is strictly utilitarian.

  2. I’ve been using Macs and Windows PCs ever since they became available. For the last 12 years, it’s been a Mac at home and a Windows 7 PC at work until I retired. Now I use Windows 10 in Boot Camp for gaming.

    I much prefer the Mac. It’s not like I can’t get things done in Windows but the Mac seems to make it easier. It’s also visually more appealing. Thing is that I couldn’t put my finger on specifics. And I know there are people out there who swear by Windows rather than at it.

    There is one thing, and maybe it subconsciously affects everything else. I don’t trust Windows’ stability. This is not a new thing. Every time I get an update or install a new driver, it’s cross my fingers time. I make sure that I have a backup of my Boot Camp partition which I’ve had to use at least a few times. Now I know that some Mac versions haven’t been the best, but I never had that trepidation when updating. Maybe that says it all. At least for me.

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