From watch to Apple Watch and back to watch

This is an excellent video from Marc Goldberg in which he details his experiences with the Apple Watch. It is interesting to see a serious watch person praise the Apple Watch so much and to be so impressed by what it can do.

On the subject of the Apple Watch, The iconic watches that inspired Apple Watch faces offers some background to why the Apple Watch faces look the way they do.

Apple did this not by taking an age-old wristwatch silhouette and cramming some electronics in it. Instead, they carefully reimagined every aspect, from the user interaction patterns to the mechanism securing the interchangeable bands, the digital crown, the variety of cases and bands, and the use of watch terms like “complication” in the user experience.

In particular, the analog faces reveal what Apple does so well — taking the familiar and making it their own. Over the years, they have released quite a few faces with roots in history. Each one started as an iconic watch archetype and was remade to take advantage of the Apple Watch platform.

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