Is the Casio MRW-200H the best value watch in the world?

Of all the watches I have owned, and the number is too big to say without being embarrassed, the Casio MRW-200H is the best value I have seen to date.

You can buy this watch for £16 which is not an unheard of amount for a watch, the legendary Casio F91-W is £9, but the feature set is strangely competent at this price point.

It is 44mm in diameter and 12mm thick which when combined with the super light 39 grams of weight make it extremely wearable. It wears small for the size.

You get 100m of water resistance, a free range bezel, above average lume, a resin case and strap, and an acrylic crystal.

There is a date indicator, a day indicator, a 2 year warranty and 3 years of battery life. The 20mm lug width allows for strap choice to change the look and a selection of different coloured models are available.

I have owned mine for some time now and it has proved to be strangely accurate with a loss of approximately 5 seconds per month and the seconds hand hits the markers every single time.

It has a charm about it that not only makes it feel like a watch that costs more than the crazy low asking price, it includes so many of the practical features that you need it is impossible to fault.

This could be an everyday watch for anyone who does a job which could cause some damage and for a holiday when you go swimming or even diving. It is a tough watch that will cope with almost anything that is thrown at it, and if you do managed to destroy it all you need do is pay another £15 and you can start again.

It is extraordinary value in my mind and easily the biggest bang for the buck I have seen to date.

If you want to go crazy you can buy the MRW-200HD-7BVEF for £32 which includes a stainless steel band for a look that could go anywhere with you.

You can find out more about the MRW-200H here. £16 from Creation Watches.

And if you really do want a watch that will last forever, take whatever you throw at it and never need any intervention take a look at the G-Shock GW-M5610-1ER which can be bought for £87.

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