Do not spend £1,900 on this

TAG is back with a special edition watch and handily has managed to exemplify everything that is wrong with the watch industry.

All that is carried over into the new TAG Heuer Formula 1 Special Edition, which has a 43mm stainless-steel case, a carbon-fibre-effect dial, a five-row steel and black ceramic bracelet and a black ceramic bezel engraved with a tachymeter scale (a function for calculating speed over a known distance that, for most wearers, is largely decorative).

It is too big, too gaudy, includes an unexceptional quartz movement and represents appalling value for money when compared to much of the competition, and even other models in the TAG range (which are rarely good value). When you walk out of the store the value of this watch will drop like a stone and it will not impress anyone. If it does impress someone, walk away and do not talk to them…

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