The history of Snake

There are a couple of moments from my childhood that I’m sure many others can relate to. The first takes me back to an afternoon on the school bus, eagerly waiting for my Bluetooth polyphonic ringtone of Akon’s Beautiful to download from a friend a few seats away. I’d set the song up on my Nokia phone, and so did everyone else. The following week, it would be another teenage classic from the early 2000s.

But this wasn’t all your Nokia had to offer. Before receiving my own (the one that had a blue-ish cover and the flashy lights on the side), I remember tirelessly asking my dad to let me play Snake on his old 6110 “brick”. He’d oblige, and in doing so, his phone was given a new use other than its usual work-related SMS texting and phone calls… More here.

I have never managed to play Snake for more than a few minutes at a time, but this is a very good article.

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