NHS GP practice passes into hands of US health insurer

One of the UK’s biggest GP practice operators has quietly passed into the hands of the US health insurance group Centene Corporation, prompting calls for an official investigation into what campaigners claim is “privatisation of the NHS by stealth”.

The merger is expected to create the largest private supplier of GP services in the UK, with 58 practices covering half a million patients.

A coalition of doctors, campaigners and academics has voiced concerns in a letter sent this week to the health secretary, Matt Hancock, asking him to order an investigation by the Care Quality Commission… More here.

And so it begins…

One thought on “NHS GP practice passes into hands of US health insurer

  1. This is something we have to worry about and balance in Canada as well. What I don’t understand is that the article says that Centene purchased privately owned AT Medics. While I can understand the concern about it being purchased by a subsidiary of a U.S. company, AT Medics was a private company to begin with. What’s the difference? Is Centene planing on billing patients outside of the NHS?

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