The Focal Radiance

The Focal Radiance is the literal Bentley of headphones. A limited edition model by the French high-end audio company, the headphones were designed in partnership with Bentley, while retaining much of the design language of Focal’s other luxury headphones. Thankfully, they retain that high-end sound as well — as one would hope, for $1,300 (£1199/€1300)… More here.

I really must try a very high-end set of headphones one day, just to see if the hype is real.

3 thoughts on “The Focal Radiance

  1. It’s a never-ending spiral once you get into it. You end up wanting to improve everything in the chain from the source to your ears. You can definitely hear the difference although older ears aren’t as good at hearing them. I just concentrate on the content now more than the sound.

  2. I admit sometimes I’m skeptical about the high end stuff, but then again I’ve never had eye nor ear for that kind of nuance.

    For me, the headphones in the shop ALWAYS sound better, just because I’m playing close attention 😀

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