Is Apple looking down upon a slippery slope?

Apple is big about the user experience. But sometimes it falls victim to the exact same nonsense that I see other companies do.

Seems innocent at first. I dismissed it, thinking I’d never see it again.

Oh on. Apple wants me to see this.

Possibly until the end of time… More here.

I have noticed minor things like this and I hate it. It is minor for sure, but this is Apple and us Apple owners are not used to this. If I bought a cheap Windows laptop I would expect all of the advertising and software sh*t in the world hitting me from the first launch, but not from Apple. There simply is no reason for the company to need to do this at this time.

2 thoughts on “Is Apple looking down upon a slippery slope?

  1. I’d add that a company who makes such a big fuss about privacy, doesn’t this count?

    And it’s more annoying in Big Sur because notifications stack on the desktop. So it’s very easy for something important to be covered.

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