The Ultimate Bed

This futuristic bed is the ultimate enclosure system that comes with everything you need in a room, ALL IN ONE. It features a massage chair with a remote, built in Bluetooth speakers, a bookshelf, reading lamp, an air cleaning system and a desk for those who need a laptop in their bed. Never leave bed with a low battery, this has a built in charging station perfect for night owls. Access an ottoman for guests that is stored under the conditioning unit. If you would rather recline and watch TV, do not fret. There is a recliner attached just for you. Adjust the top headrests to get maximum comfort in your bed. This adult playground is revolutionary for many reasons. The frame is made of pine wood for long lasting quality. Available in multiple colored leather options. Only make one purchase, and everything you need is at your disposal.

Oh my. I could live in that.

2 thoughts on “The Ultimate Bed

  1. Pretty cool! I don’t like the idea of having to crawl into it every time though. It’d be like living in a room that was so tight that you couldn’t stand next to the bed.

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