Apple’s $3.6 billion deal with Kia

Apple could be poised to sign a $3.6 billion deal with Kia Motors to build Apple Car, Bloomberg reports Wednesday, citing Korean news outlet DongA Ilbo.

The report says Apple and Kia, which is owned by Hyundai, could sign a deal as soon as February 17. It would then aim to “introduce Apple cars in 2024,” with a possible target of produce 100,000 electric vehicles per year, according to DongA Ilbo… More here.

I own a Kia and so do my wife and son. In eight years of ownership we have not had one major issue with any Kia. Minor problems have been dealt with for free very quickly under the 7 year warranty. I am in the strange position of being more excited about the Kia part of this deal than the Apple part. Put them together though and it could be very special…

2 thoughts on “Apple’s $3.6 billion deal with Kia

  1. That’s interesting! I haven’t owned a Kia yet, but I looked at a few before I replaced my Subaru a couple years ago. They were pretty impressive.

    1. They are not exciting, but so damn reliable

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