And so it continues…

I am going to reduce my time on the site and the podcast for a while to concentrate on getting better. It has not been a good four weeks since I caught covid and my wife, Joanne, is also experiencing similar problems as we move forward.

Returning to work last week proved that this virus acts differently than others. I did half days, sat at a table with a laptop, and by lunchtime each day I was wiped to the point of needing to sleep all afternoon and sometimes physically being sick because of the headaches. There is the occasional day when I feel almost normal, but the next a flurry of symptoms return and feel just like they did while I was sick.

A day of headaches, overt tiredness and a high temperature can be followed by a sore throat, wheezing and headaches the next day. It is like each of the symptoms take their turn to come back and say hello only to be replaced by others, and so it goes on.

If anything, Jo is worse than me. She is sleeping 14 hours a day and is tired most of the time. Her lack of energy and general feeling that she won’t progress is more apparent than mine is. While it is worrying that we both still feel so bad after four and five weeks respectively I have to presume that it is far too early to assume that this will go on for months.

I am only writing this in case any of you catch it and in the hope that you do all you can to avoid it. We felt that it would be a positive to be immune after covid, but at this time I would give anything to have never caught it. Trust me, there is no upside.

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  1. Our thoughts are with you and yours always. We’ll be here whenever you want to say hello. If there’s anything we can do, please let us know. Take care of yourselves.

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