Eight more C-Types

Jaguar’s classics department has announced it will make eight more of the curvaceous C-Type that was originally produced from 1951 to 1953.

The continuation cars, set to converge on a special track day in 2022 to celebrate 70 years since the original release, will be the fourth of its kind for the Coventry, England-based company. Jaguar started developing Jaguar Lightweight E-Type and Jaguar XKSS continuation cars as far back as 2014; in 2018, it began building D-Type continuations… More here.

Oh my.

3 thoughts on “Eight more C-Types

  1. Very cool! I’ve driven so few miles in the last year that cars don’t appeal to me as much as they did before though. And when I have driven lately I’m not as much in a hurry anymore.

    1. I would drive everywhere if I had one of these

      1. Jen and I always said when we were first married that we would buy a red convertible sports car and take six months off to travel the country. When never did.

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