He must go

The UK government has done everything right in this pandemic. The problem is that the UK government has done everything late as well.

Locking down last March: too late and we allowed massive gatherings to take place. Estimates of up to 25,000 lives lost because of this alone.

Adequate PPE for health workers: too late and because of this many lives were lost. It still isn’t as it should be almost a year later.

Test and trace reaching a point where it is actually useful. Too late and it’s still close to pointless.

Locking down again in November: too late and the new strain was allowed to run rampant.

Changing the Christmas plans to be more stringent was again too late and the rules were too flexible anyway.

Allowing schools to go back in January, for only one day, and changing their minds too late.

Closing the borders. As I write this we have still not done it and anyone could see that we should have done it last year. The problem I see with this is that closing all borders is akin to Brexit x2. I suspect major economical damage would follow.

He has to go. No Prime Minister should be allowed to stay in power when 100,000 of his citizens have died.

You could call this hindsight, but it isn’t. How many times have you watched the news over the past 12 months and screamed at the TV “why the f*ck are we doing nothing?!?” He must go.

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