It might be the only way to remember…

The watches run, but without the recalibration, do not always keep accurate time. They can also fail after a relatively short period.

“Their whole process takes just 45 minutes,” says Kivel. “There is absolutely no way they can clean and lubricate every piece. We find an ‘extreme’ pocket watch project takes three or four days. That’s what it takes to get it running as well as when it was built. It keeps perfect time.”

Grand Central still does a brisk trade in old pocket watches, taking in maybe 10 or 20 each week for repair, with a two-year warranty. “It can be hard to justify the cost,” says Kivel. “But we’re finding that people get very sentimental, even if it’s a Timex from the ‘70s. It might be the only way to remember someone who isn’t around anymore.” More here.

There is nothing like a watch or a pocket watch to remember a relative by. They do become priceless.

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