Things that stuck in 2020

I have bought a few products this year and many of them were re-sold or just forgotten about, but a few managed to stick with me for the duration. Many of the following will likely be sticking with me for much longer-

Twelve South SurfacePad case for the iPhone

This has been on my 11 pro for the past few weeks and it has grown on me, to the point that I cannot imagine using a different case. The only downside is the lack of a magnet and the difficulty with installing one.

Solo Loop for Apple Watch

What a solution this is. It is like no other strap and it has completely changed my view of what a watch strap should be. Close to perfect.

Kindle Oasis

I am reading so much more thanks to this device. It may appear to be similar to every other Kindle from afar, but it is much much better than the rest.

On Cloud running shoes

A big year for walking and running for me and I have covered a lot of distance overall. My On Cloud shoes are now starting to suffer the effects, but they have been so good a new pair is on the way to me. My previous back pains have disappeared thanks to these as well.

And that’s it really. There have been other excellent finds this year, but few that will likely be with me in years to come because they were not designed to be so.

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