The XP-PEN G640

StarG640 tablet supports digital inking in Microsoft Office software like Word,PowerPoint, OneNote, and more, allowing you to simultaneously write with ink and visually present handwritten notes and signatures, thus allowing the flow of the problem-solving process or creative ideas to be presented intuitively and efficiently. Engage, inspire, and immerse students in an interactive classroom more than ever… More here.

My son bought me this for Christmas and I admit that on first glance I was sceptical as to how well it would work.

As it happens it works very well indeed. I had to install a driver which is unusual in 2020, but on my MacBook Air I almost feel as though it now has an Apple Pencil that works with macOS. Very impressive for £34 and while it is not an advanced solution, for general use and annotations etc it is an excellent solution.

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