I will never write about Brexit again…

“The world is now dominated by three gargantuan economic blocs – the United States, China and the European Union,” wrote Landler. “Britain has finalised its divorce from one of them, leaving it isolated at a time when the path forward seems more perilous than it once did.” More here.

The above sums it all up. Many people are touting the fact the deal is done as a good thing, but that is for many just because it avoids a no deal.

I will never be convinced that Bexit is a good idea, no one has ever presented a factually correct decent argument for it, and there is no doubt in my mind that it will be the single biggest negative change for the UK over the next two decades. It will be even worse economically than Covid for us.

On a brighter note, I heard someone mention the other day that they only listen to ‘long term’ news. They do this because almost all short term news is negative and long term news can be more positive. For example, 100,000’s of people are moved out of poverty every two months around the world and the world population is actually in a better place than it has ever been in history. It may not feel like it to us at the moment, but sometimes it is good for us to search out the more positive news, and there is a lot more out there than we may realise.

In light of the above, and as the title says, I will never write about Brexit again.

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