I miss my grandkids

I miss my grandkids. That once a week visit is a precious memory. And I have to think about going to any store since I’m in that higher-risk category. At least around here in Canada, everyone wears a mask and is pretty good about social distancing

On the positive side, in many ways I’m lucky. I retired about 7 years ago and started spending a lot more time indoors and at my computer.

And a big plus are Tom’s concerts twice a week. They always raise my spirits and I’ve made a lot of new friends… Bob

Powerful comment by Bob. Tom needs to move to the UK so that we can listen to his concerts in real-time over here, but I suspect his dog walks would not be in such a beautiful location.

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    1. Maybe something for the New Year? Wouldn’t want you to go to a huge amount of trouble when we can watch each concert a few hours later anyway.

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