I miss my grandkids

I miss my grandkids. That once a week visit is a precious memory. And I have to think about going to any store since I’m in that higher-risk category. At least around here in Canada, everyone wears a mask and is pretty good about social distancing

On the positive side, in many ways I’m lucky. I retired about 7 years ago and started spending a lot more time indoors and at my computer.

And a big plus are Tom’s concerts twice a week. They always raise my spirits and I’ve made a lot of new friends… Bob

Powerful comment by Bob. Tom needs to move to the UK so that we can listen to his concerts in real-time over here, but I suspect his dog walks would not be in such a beautiful location.

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  1. Thanks, Shaun! I would love to do a concert during the day for the group across the pond if you think the WhatsApp group would like it.

  2. Do you mean for New Year’s Eve or day or something regular in the new year?

  3. Thanks Shaun. And I’m always up for another Tom Munch concert.

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