Anti-vaxxers who think Bill Gates will use the vaccine to install a chip in their minds to control them have clearly never used Microsoft Windows.

Tweeted here and it sums up the situation very well. And on a related note the following article is a must read-

There was the ‘numbness’ stage, the ‘implacable anger’ stage, the ‘despair’ stage, the ‘anxiety’ stage, the ‘insomnia’ stage, the ‘too much wine’ stage, the ‘actually feeling OK for a change then feeling incredibly guilty because you feel OK’ stage, and more. Many people will have experienced similar grief reactions in recent month, what with the pandemic. Or gone through a wholly different set of experiences. All are valid, none are easy. Because grief is hard, and complicated.

However, thanks to how modern society works, those of us who have lost people to Covid have another stage of grief to contend with; the “having your loved one’s death publicly dismissed as an irrelevance or inconvenience by a contrarian pundit” stage of grief. It’s a very unpleasant one to deal with, due to the unnecessary casual cruelty of it all. But deal with it we grieving people must, because God forbid our pain should get in the way of all that precious web traffic and delicious clicks… More here.

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