What is your product of the year?

I had a quick thought about this and of course I, like many of you, have had more time at home to ponder what has been the most impactful product of my year. Turns out I bought quite a few and my New Years Resolution will be to not buy much at all next year.

So here are my products of the year, in order, and it would be good to hear which products have made the most impact on you in 2020-

1/ Oris Divers Sixty Five (reviewed here)

Over recent months it has barely left my wrist and is the only non-tech product here. Just a superb timepiece which means a lot to me as my son and wife bought it for me, and it is likely to outlast the rest of the list by many years.

2/ AirPods Pro (reviewed here)

The sound quality is more than good enough and the battery performance is great, but the sheer practicality of the Pros means that they have been in my ears for much of each day in the past few months. The occasional connectivity issue has not stopped them from reaching position 2.

3/ Kindle Oasis (reviewed here)

It shouldn’t be that much different from previous Kindles, but it really is and I am reading so much more now than I have in past years and not just because of lockdown etc.

4/ MacBook Air 2020 (reviewed here)

I have only owned it a week, but I can already not imagine going back. The performance alone is enough for me.

5/ Apple Watch Series 6 (reviewed here)

At times these year the Apple Watch has kept me going when it has been hard to gain motivation. I am still aiming for those three rings every single day…

2 thoughts on “What is your product of the year?

  1. I got almost nothing with the pandemic this year other than things to help me do my music shows from home and take pictures on my walks. So I got a Shure MV-51 mic for recordings, a Promaster pistol grip ball head to hold my phone for videos, various small lights and mounts, some rugs for backdrops, and some Heat Company gloves for photography. For music equipment I got a Baggs Voiceprint DI that I can’t use until I’m performing outside the house and a couple Shubb capos. All of these products are outstanding.

  2. My major purchase, other than stuff required around the house, was my new iMac. My old one was 6 years old and still running fine. However, it was starting to chug with some of the newer games and since retirement, I have time to play. Apple had announced their Silicon so I figured that this was the last major update to the iMac. I seriously debated about keeping my old iMac and getting a gaming PC, rather than using Boot Camp. In the end I decided on the iMac and after some deep thought when the M1 machines came out, I’m happy with my decision. It will last me at least another 5 years.

    My other “product of the year”, surprisingly, is Microsoft Office 2019. Microsoft announced the end of support for Office 2016. I got a good price on Office 2019 from Microsoft the Sunday between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. And it’s been very nice. I use Word mostly and it’s much faster than the previous version, so I’m quite happy with it.

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