The McGST 2020 Reader Survey Results

Is Die Hard a Christmas movie? Yes 84.6% / No 15.4%

This result alone makes me happy.

What mobile platform do you primarily use? iOS 61.5% / Android 38.5% / Everything else 0%

I am not surprised by the fact that there is nothing besides iOS and Android, and I guess that my perception is that some Android users will not like that when I talk tech it is mostly about Apple. People tend to go where the content fits what they use so perhaps 38.5% is higher than I expected, but you are ALL welcome.

What desktop platform do you primarily use? macOS 53.8% / Windows 38.5% / Chrome 7.7%

This was a surprising result to me. I didn’t think that Apple dominated the readership quite so much as this.

Who made your phone? Apple 61.5% / Other 23.1% / LG 7.9% / Samsung 7.5%

I messed up with this question and left the same choices as last year which involved omitting some of the bigger Android manufacturers of today. I was still surprised that Samsung is so low, but then again that highlights the rise of what used to be lesser known brands.

Do you own a smartwatch? No 38.5% / Apple Watch 38.3% / Other 15.6% / Hybrid 7.7% / Android Wear 0%

There still seems to be scope for growth here and I expected the Apple Watch to be the most owned. Android Wear got 0%?

How often do you visit McGST? Once a day 53.8% / Once a week 30.8% / 2-3 times a week 7.9% / More than once a day 7.5%

Once a day and once a week dominated here. Hard to work that one out.

What content do you most enjoy on McGST? Tech and Mobile Stuff 61.7% / Random videos and long-form articles 15.4% / The humour 15.2% / Politics 7.7%

Tech still wins here and by a big margin.

How would you rate the content on McGST? Excellent 69.2% / Good 30.8%

Thank you.

Do you listen to the McGST Podcast? Yes, occasionally 46.2% / No 30.8% / Yes, every episode 23.1%

I need to spend a lot more time working on the audio quality, the content and finding the time to invite more guests on to the podcast. It is much more time consuming than I expected it to be.

How would you rate the McGST Podcast? Good 76% Excellent 24%

I would rate it as average at best currently. As I said above I need to improve, but I appreciate your politeness;)


Been following since the Clie World days! Thx for keeping it up!

The WhatsApp group is the best.

Don’t stop being you! I trust your reviews above most others.

How the hell did you end up with Joanne?!?

Thanks everyone for your responses. It is always useful to know who is visiting and what you want to read. I don’t believe this will ever be a big website, but I will continue while I can. Thanks again.

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