The 1.0x Speed List

I listen to a lot of podcasts, usually on 2.5× speed, with silences removed. That sometimes bumps the playback up to 3.25× speed. Some might say that’s sociopathic, and I’m inclined to agree! But I have many shows to get through, and a very small window of time in which to listen to them.

While most of my podcast-listening is driven by an innate fear of bad things happening to myself or my loved ones if I don’t make it through my weekly queue, there are a select few that I commit to listening at regular-degular old 1.0× speed. These are shows that I experience joy when listening to, best saved for a medium-aggressive tempo weekend walk in the park… More here.

Can you have too many podcasts to listen to? Well, of course you can, but you may find a keeper or two in the above list.

One thought on “The 1.0x Speed List

  1. Definitely reaching some limits of podcasts, just having trouble keeping up with my regular roster. In some cases, where it’s more informative/intellectual than funny/entertaining, I’m giving myself “permission” to not worry about finishing ’em… I get the gist.

    I listen at 2x speed, often, but I don’t like the idea of removing pauses. A “mere” speed and pitch correction changes the content less than removing gaps, IMO.

    “Poetry Unbound” is probably the best example of a podcast left unsped up. And not just because of the accents. (Accents and “I need to hear the music at proper speed” are the two reasons other podcasts sometimes don’t get sped up for me)

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