The benefits of walking

According to the NHS, adults should be doing “at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity activity a week”. Walking counts towards this weekly exercise goal, and can help you build stamina and improve cardiovascular health – but you have to make sure you’re going at a “brisk” pace. During the exercise, Dr Davies says that “you should feel your heart racing a bit, your breathing should be more laboured, and you should break out into somewhat of a sweat”.

Kerry recommends “a daily walk of at least 30 minutes”. This is the best way to “increase cardiovascular fitness, help to strengthen your bones, and boost muscle endurance and power”. However, Tashi Skervin, a runner, trainer, and founder of fitness bootcamp TSC Method, says that everyone is different. “Someone with quite a sedentary lifestyle will require more movement, whereas someone whose job involves them moving all day won’t need as much to ensure they reach the minimum amount required”, she says… More here.

There is little better than walking for mental health and getting fitter at whatever pace suits. I am up to 50 minutes per day which includes a 25 minute walk at 6am each day before work. It makes a huge different to me.

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