Three classic Psion games recreated for the iPhone

The Psion was my first PDA and it started a ‘thing’ for me. Within that early obsession was a selection of games that were highly addictive, but alas they have disappeared now. However, there are some modern counterparts available that will bring back the same emotions-


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Probably the most addictive card game I have ever played and one which has kept me coming back for decades. It took a while, but a modern version did eventually appear for iOS.

HomeRun is ZingMagic’s own version and it feels exactly the same as the Psion version, only with colour, better sound and more advanced graphics.

Pitstop (a.k.a. Team Psion)

I played this game and off for some time, and during that period it felt revolutionary. Well done Mr Litchfield.

Motorsport Manager Mobile 3 highlights the leap forward and is a much more complex game than Pitstop on the Psion. Strangely though for all of the improvements it brings out similar emotions.


Another classic from Steve Litchfield and one I played more than any other Psion game. The nuance was surprising and despite some repetition, unavoidable in those days, it was hugely addictive.

Pixel Pro Golf is very different to Fairway, but it does feel similar in how it plays. The hitting mechanic has a similar feel and the game is definitely one you will keep coming back to. Sadly there are almost no iPhone golf games that are not dominated by in-app purchases which is a real shame. Pixel Pro Golf is a welcome exception.

If you can think of any more Psion classics that are available in a modern form please let me know.

2 thoughts on “Three classic Psion games recreated for the iPhone

  1. It’s definitely a different feel of Golf but have you tried “Golf On Mars”? (Or its even more sparse cousin “Desert Golfing”)

    Both aren’t 18 holes, just endless side views that go on forever, a bit like Angry Birds in mechanic (slingshot) – but Golf on Mars adds a nice “backspin” mechanic which adds a dimension while the whole thing remains nice and simple

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