There are weird sad big truths

In response to this article, Kirk wrote the following which I feel deserves a place on the front page-

A big part of the challenge is that no organization lives in a vacuum. If you are embedded in a society for isms, racism, sexism, etc – the candidates you get are going to reflect that balance. Or if there are “actual” correlations – like say between poor performance at certain tasks and a background of poverty, and then between background of poverty and skin color… this kind of training probably is still useful to get people thinking about that, and not try to make preemptive judgements.

I think we’ve made good progress, some of which some of my fellow lefties, are slow to recognize, in getting people to show that a lot of prejudice beliefs are wrong headed and morally gross. It’s the next steps that are even tougher… how do we build more just societies without infringing on individual liberties? Should people be free enough to be free to discriminate?

There are weird sad big truths, like, you can’t have a society that’s pure meritocracy (and thinking you have a pure meritocracy is problematic… because it’s never pure, but then the people getting the good end of the deal are convinced they deserved it and people on the short end of the stick deserve that, too) AND has personal freedom, because there’s probably something in human nature (or at least in Western culture) that says, you favor family first, so left on their own most people will do just that.

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  1. I think you have to have an enlightened society in order to have the level of awareness Kirk is talking about, and I’m starting to wonder if this is possible. Go back to the Founders of the United States and see what their thoughts were – based on the philosophy of the day. Jefferson thought we could build an enlightened society based on independence and common good with education and agriculture at its center. That was seen as utopian in its day, and we obviously don’t have a bunch of farmers reading philosophy nowadays. I would aim for a spiritual enlightenment for all – based on an understanding of how we need each other and are all one at the quantum level. But I’m starting to think that we’re not meant for that either. I’m not sure what the answer is to lead to a more peaceful and beneficial society. Some people just seem bound to create chaos in this life. I don’t understand it.

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