Staff who work from home after pandemic ‘should pay more tax’

Economists at Deutsche Bank have proposed making staff pay a 5% tax for each day they choose to work remotely. They argue it would leave the average employee no worse off because of savings made by not commuting and not buying lunch on-the-go and fewer purchases of work clothing. Alternatively, the report suggests the tax could be paid by employers who do not provide their workforce with a permanent desk… More here.

Obviously each individual is different. Some save £1,000’s on commuting, other ride a bike to work. Some pay a lot more for heating their homes and others not so much. I suspect, however, that moves will be made to tempt people back to city centre offices.

10 thoughts on “Staff who work from home after pandemic ‘should pay more tax’

  1. There are lots of people who work from home because that’s what they do, whether they are self-employed or employees. Working from home saves transportation money that can be spent elsewhere, helping the economy. Never mind the reduction in pollution. Sure, let’s tax people for doing a good thing.

    I don’t see any government that wants to remain in power seriously suggesting this.

    1. I would pay tax to go into an office😂

  2. I suppose it depends on one’s situation. I just saw a post of yours saying that there are times where you need 100% concentration for hours. I expect that would be extremely difficult at home.

    1. It’s more difficult in the office actually because I get distracted. I just prefer that environment, but fully agree with what you said

  3. Like Shaun, Im a fan of the office at least for myself. I used to commute a long way to go in even though others didn’t.
    I like the true separation. My home feels like work now which I don’t like.

    1. Indeed. I don’t work from home, I live at work

  4. Man, economists really think differently than normal folk.

    On the face of it the idea seems pretty outrageous. I’m willing to grant the “dismal science” the benefit of the doubt, but yeesh. The idea of “you being thrifty hurts society so you should pay” kind of sucks!

    (thinking through the implications of that stance… like do they charge you for just socking money away? I guess so, but it’s called inflation, and it’s not 100% deliberate. I think 😀 )

  5. Hear me out (as I’m not one for tax and spend on optional elements) – one of the things they could do that would make a huge difference, would be to massively reduce the cost of public transport (maybe even make it free?). Paid for out of general taxation. If it wasn’t so expensive to travel then maybe that would help with one of the big blockers, especially if there was a peak hour cost only etc.

    While it never stopped me, i pay > £400 a month in travel costs to go to the office (I live 30 miles away)

    Of course, the virus has to be gone first, otherwise the sardine cans that are carriages…

    1. Interesting idea, but it would never happen. The government has to be seen to be green.

      1. Indeed. Ironic though that empty trains are still running all the time, and I doubt the unions will allow a reduction in services.

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