How quickly the AirPods became rediculous

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I noticed something recently and kind of felt bad about it. I was on a walk with my AirPods Pro in my ears and someone approached wearing the original AirPods. It surprised me just how quickly they look more than a little silly since the release of the smaller Pros.

To be fair many people always felt that the design was daft, but it is really obvious now. Maybe a snobbish design thing going on in my head or was the design always daft?

2 thoughts on “How quickly the AirPods became rediculous

  1. I’ve said before, no wireless headphone/earphone solution has any dignity.
    AirPods and similar look either like cigarettes in your ear or Uhura’s ear piece from Star Trek, Beats Flex single-wire wiredless look like librarian’s glasses holders (still my fav tho, love how they become a necklace that can totally tuck out of the way, there’s those similar ones w/ a weird scarf/necklace thing looking like a DR Who rejected costume piece, and big old headphones look like earmuffs, or maybe “Lobot” from empire strikes back.

    I mean it beats always fighting with wires, but still— no gravitas at all once you lose the wire 😀

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