The second ‘too late’ shambolic Boris lockdown

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced a second national lockdown for England to prevent a “medical and moral disaster” for the NHS.

He said Christmas may be “very different” but he hoped taking action now would mean families can gather.

Non-essential shops and hospitality will have to close for four weeks from Thursday, he said… More here.

“What a shambles the current UK government is. What an upper-class twit our Prime Minister is.” Those are common refrains in the UK at the moment, but I believe that behind our current mess is a group of elitist people who care little for normal people and, perhaps more worringly, have no understanding of normal lives.

The above exemplifies why we cannot trust this government any more and evidences my words above. They genuinely believe that we swallow any peppy words and that we will fall in line with whatever they tell us to do, but it just isn’t happening any more.

There are people like me who follow the rules because I believe that they are correct and there are more than ever before breaking rules all over the place, hence the need for the new lockdown. And keeping schools open is like putting a plaster (band aid) on every part of your body except the bit that you have injured.

Test and trace was not sorted in the summer, PPE is still not flooding hospitals and all of the problems from back in March remain. And now we wait until Thursday for the lockdown to start. Why? To let people go out for one last rule-breaking drink up? FFS!

3 thoughts on “The second ‘too late’ shambolic Boris lockdown

  1. Agree with all the sentiments above…and then some. However, my understanding is the reason this (and any) restriction measures can’t be applied immediately is to allow people and business the opportunity of a couple of days to prepare. I think there may even be some aspects of his latest plan that need to go before Parliament.
    Of course the nett result of any delay implementing enables the Covidiots to go out for one last rule-breaking drink.
    Good luck England. Here in Wales, our 2 week “firebreak” ends next week.

    1. Not sure what the business need to plan? I realise it is a nightmare for them, but any delay could be a big increase in deaths.

    2. It says a lot when all the other devolved governments have already gone their own way. Into our 3rd week of lockdown here in NI and, although deaths are unfortunately still not declining, the rate of infections is at least starting to level off. Not saying we’re great, but I’m glad we didn’t wait for direction from that inept, incoherent jelly in No. 10.

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