Seiko’s Voice Digital Watch returns

Seiko’s line of watches for the visually impaired started in 1939 with a tactile pocket watch for those injured in the war, then in 1966 with a wristwatch version, then 1979 with a quartz version, and finally in 1998 with the voice digital watch. This new model updates the concept of the 1998 model with a round case design. The watch can read off the time in a robotic voice, has a digital display, and has an alarm and stopwatch function. Not only reserved for the elderly and visually impaired, the new Voice Digital watch can also fit into any modern lifestyle… More here.

It was most certainly innovative the first time around and it could prove just as useful to some today.

One thought on “Seiko’s Voice Digital Watch returns

  1. Oh man, I hadn’t thought of these in so long- my did had one when he was debilitated, prior to his tragically young death.

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